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Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends, Followers and Supporters!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season. We are in the process of preparing for our 1st cut rough edit and I wanted to send you a little Holiday cheer from Jeff and Tony - the two main stars of the film. The first day I began taping Jeff's story we took a train trip from Washington D.C. to Boston. Janis DeBlois (Tony's mother) picked us up to hang out at their house and later that evening Jeff & Tony gave me a 2+ hour performance I will never forget. Thankfully I was able to capture it all. Now, the whole performance will NOT be in the final edit of the film (Look for it on the 'Extra Footage' when we eventually start creating DVD's). But I wanted to provide you with an exclusive for this Christmas. Here you go!


We are about 85% complete with the film, and to do so we will still need to raise some more funds, which will go towards the cost of one more final road trip to do some additional filming and conduct interviews with people we were unable to contact last year.

In post-production we still need to acquire song rights (as well as provide funds for Tony DeBlois musical services for his original composition), hire an additional editor for image and sound, as well as audio-description services for our blind audiences.

We now have a way to give your financial SUPPORT directly though our website vie PayPal if you are still feeling in the giving mood this season. Please click on the SUPPORT THIS FILM icon to learn more. We will be updating more about specific needs in the near future.

We are almost there...thank you again for ALL your support and please share with family and friends. This is a great undertaking and our team is small, but strength comes in many forms. We look forward to proving with this film that it can be done.

Happy Chanukkah! Merry Christmas! ..... and Happy New Year!

~ Nicholas


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